Get vaccinated to ‘push back this pandemic’ - report

(Photo: Pixabay)

The Union government announced on Thursday that more than half of India's adult population has gotten at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccination, with 16 percent receiving both the doses. The total number of doses given out in the country has surpassed 66 crore.

Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan stated at a news briefing that 18.38 crore doses were delivered in August, with 59.29 lakh doses given daily. In the last seven days of August, an average of 80.27 lakh people were vaccinated per day.

"That's a huge achievement and would not have been possible without very effective and optimal participation of all healthcare workers, state governments and Union Territory administrations," Bhushan said.

The number of vaccination doses provided daily climbed from 19.69 lakh in May to 39.89 lakh in June and then to 43.41 lakh in July, according to figures reported at the press conference.

Bhushan went on to say that the first dosage of vaccination was given to 99 percent of healthcare professionals, and the second dose was given to 84 percent of those who were eligible.

According to him, the first dosage has been provided to 100% of frontline employees, while the second dose has been given to 80% of them.

Dr V K Paul, a member of the NITI Aayog, advised everyone to get vaccinated.

"No one should be left behind,” he said, adding that the “Vaccine availability is increasing and we must use this opportunity to push back this pandemic.”

Paul also stressed the need of taking the second dose to individuals who got the first.

"For complete protection, the second dose is important. The level of protection one gets after the second dose is much higher than the one after the first. The complete guarantee that one gets is after the second dose. The government is making its efforts but if your second dose is due please get it because then only you are more protected and it becomes difficult for the virus to transmit through you."