Violence on Women Betrays Teachings of Jesus: Church


Men must step in to "play a crucial role to end gender based and sexual violence," said Rev. Dr Roger Gaikwad, general secretary of National Council of Churches in India, as he promotes white ribbon campaign.

Empowerment of women alone cannot resolve the problem of violence on women.

"Men and Boys should take action to end men's gender based violence on women and girls," said Gaikwad.

"We cannot build just and inclusive communities unless we seriously address the issue of violence on women and girls in India," he added.

The white ribbon campaign is a global movement of men and boys working to end male violence against women and girls. The idea, men giving up their arms and violence on women and girls, is what white ribbon stands for.

Gaikwad, as a part of the white ribbon campaign, invited men church heads and leaders to take action against violence on women and girls in their own home, church or society.

"Gender justice, gender equality and gender equity is not 'women's issue' alone," said Gaikwad.

"We need to empower men and boys also regarding gender justice so that they understand the scale of the problem, and become part of the solution, alongside women," he added.

Violence on women and girls betrays the teachings of Jesus, said Gaikwad.

"Discrimination and violence on women, girls and children betrays the teachings of Jesus. Jesus broke the silence regarding the culture of gender based violence in his society," said Gaikwad.

"Jesus became an exemplary model as he expressed solidarity with women and girls through positive masculinity as opposed to patriarchal masculinity. Hence it is the prophetic duty of the church to promote such positive masculinity and empower men and boys to end violence on women and girls," he added.