SC rejected petition that advocated parmatma practice

Central Wing of the Supreme Court of India where the Chief Justice's courtroom is situated. (Photo: Subhashish Panigrahi/Wikimedia Commons)

On Monday, the Supreme Court of India denied a petition that called for all people to practise the "Parmatma" branch of Hinduism.

India is a secular nation, and everyone has the freedom to practise their faith, the court emphasised. 

Upendra Nath Dalai's petition was denied by the justices MR Shah and CT Ravikumar because they viewed it as publicity interest litigation. 

The court told Dalai not to advocate for universal acceptance of his guruji because everyone in India has the freedom to practise their faith.

"If you want you can consider him as Paramatma. Why enforce it on others?" they remarked.

"In India, everyone has full right to follow their religion. You can't say everyone has to follow only one religion," the bench of justices added.

In addition, the court fined Dalai Rs. 1 lakh, reasoning that this would encourage individuals to think twice before bringing similar petitions in the future.