Israel's Christian community sees slight growth

(Photo: Unsplash/Taylor Brandon)

Israel's Christian community saw a slight increase in 2021, according to latest figures released by the Central Bureau of Statistics.

The data published on Christmas Day reported a 2% increase in the number of Christians in Israel last year.

Christians make up 1.9% of the total population in Israel.

Most of the Christians in Israel are Arab Christians (75.8%). They account for 6.9% of Israel's Arab population.

The largest concentration of Arab Christians in the country is to be found in Nazareth, home to 21,100.

This was followed by Haifa (16,700), Jerusalem (12,900), and Shefar'am (10,500).

The size of the average Christian household (3.06 people) was comparable to Jewish households (3.05), but smaller than Muslim households (4.46).

Israeli Christian families had fewer children on average (1.86) than Arab Christian families (1.94), Jewish families (2.42) and Muslim families (2.62).

Non-Arab Christians and Arab Muslims were least likely to pursue higher education after finishing high school (31.2% each), compared to nearly half of Jews (48.2%) and over half of Arab Christians (52.9%).

Of the Christian students studying for a first degree, the most popular subject was musicology (15.7%) followed by management information systems (10.5%), and food engineering and technology (9.9%).