Evangelicals call for an immediate ceasefire in the Holy Land, urgent action towards just peace

(Photo: Unsplash/Taylor Brandon)

Responding to the ongoing conflict in the Holy Land, a coalition of Regional and National Evangelical alliances as well as credible Christian organizations from around the world have issued a heartfelt plea for an immediate ceasefire in the Holy Land. The statement, released on November 1, 2023, reflects a deep commitment to the principles of love, mercy and justice as espoused in the Christian faith.

The Evangelical groups, representing a diverse range of regions including the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe, underscored their dedication to the dignity of every human being and their adherence to international humanitarian law. Rooted in their belief in a God of love, they expressed a collective responsibility to contribute to the pursuit of peace.

Acknowledging the complexity of the geopolitical situation and historical grievances in the Holy Land, the Evangelical alliances humbly committed to listening and learning from the local churches and people. They emphasized the need for justice, equality, and flourishing for all in the Holy Land, recognizing that true security can only be achieved through these principles.

“We know that this situation in the holy land has resulted in cycles of violence, and that peace can only be achieved when the cycles of violence are broken and when perpetrators and victims are set free from their sinful desire for vengeance,” the statement said.

The statement mourns the tragic loss of life in the Holy Land and expresses repentance for the failure to support just peace-making in the region. It laments the decades-long absence of effective peace-making efforts, rendering the two-State solution seemingly impossible and extinguishing the hope associated with the Oslo Accords.

In a decisive call for action, the coalition urged an immediate de-escalation and cessation of hostilities between Israel and different Palestinian formations, including Hamas. They strongly condemned attacks on civilians by Hamas and Israel's actions causing civilian deaths in Palestine. The statement called for the release of all hostages, condemned narratives that dehumanize ethnic or religious groups, and denounced racism and antisemitism.

Furthermore, the Evangelical alliances urged Christians and people of faith worldwide to pray for an immediate end to the war, the safety and release of hostages, and an intensification of just peace-making efforts in the region.

The statement concluded with the recognition of “many crises and conflicts in the world” and with a call to pray for an end to those conflicts, including Sudan, Azerbaijan-Armenia, Yemen, Ukraine-Russia, and Myanmar.

The Evangelical organisations signing the statement include the following prominent groups demonstrating a united front in their plea for peace and justice in the Holy Land and beyond:

· Middle East and North Africa Evangelical Alliance

· Asia Evangelical Alliance

· Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia

· Jordan Evangelical Council

· Evangelical Fellowship of India

· Association of the Iraqi National Evangelical Churches

· Evangelical Alliance of Kenya

· Evangelical Churches Alliance Qatar

· Evangelical Alliance of South Africa

· National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka

· National Churches Fellowship of Nepal

· Protestant Church of Algeria

· Evangelical Alliance of Arabic speakers in Europe

· Caleb Institute, India