Enter your new season with a new outlook

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When Moses died, Joshua entered his new season to lead the nation into the promised land, but not as a normal military general. He could only do it primarily as a man of God.

This new season had to be underpinned by a new outlook. In Romans chapter 15, Paul could only walk in his new season with a new outlook. He 'dared not speak of anything that Christ had not accomplished through him' to bring people to an obedient faith.

Do you want to enter your new season? How does God get us ready?

A defining kingdom foundation is needed

Joshua is first mentioned in the battle against Amalek in Exodus chapter 17. He led the Israelites to win, despite being untrained and unequipped.

He learned that the victory relied on winning in the spiritual realm first, in Christ. Joshua saw how as Moses prayed with raised hands they won, but with his hands waning they lost.

We too must learn to fight daily to advance. We must learn to value prayer and its impact in the natural.

No wonder that Christ's disciples asked Him, "teach us how to pray." They discerned a profound connection between Jesus' miracles and victories over the kingdom of darkness, and his prayer life.

A mission trip I did comes to mind. A member of the group was running late, and it seemed impossible to catch the flight, but we knew God wanted them to come. As we all prayed for a miracle, I received a word of knowledge - 'half hour delay.' We stopped petitioning and declared it, and shortly after got a text that our flight was delayed by half an hour, and our team member ended up catching the flight. Everyone was in awe and we gained a new outlook by seeing firsthand the spiritual reality of God's power and sovereignty in His kingdom.

Whether pastor or deacon, a businessman or genetic engineer, having eyes opened to this spiritual authority as sons in His kingdom is foundational to make us ready for our new season (see Ephesians chapter 1, Verse 18-21). Then, we must learn to abide in Christ as we do life, to release God's kingdom domain in all things we do.

Here are some Christ-lessons from Joshua's life:

Building on kingdom foundations in Christ

1. Christ is our teacher and gives counsel, so we succeed for him.

Joshua accompanied Moses at Sinai where Moses received God's law-tablets of stone, miraculously 'written by the finger of God' - see Exodus chapter 24, verses 12-19. This type was fulfilled at Pentecost, in Acts chapter 2, when the spirit of Christ came upon believers in power, God's gospel and ways being written on the tablet of human hearts.

I know of quite a few businesspeople who are taught of God, whose lives are read as living letters, written by the spirit of Christ. They have confidence and extraordinary competence at work despite challenges, due to God's supernatural joy, wisdom and leading. They learn to glide, not hide in the difficult times, being made ready for the new season.

2. Christ gives us discernment so we can understand and navigate life without confusion or fear.

Joshua also learned to discern the spiritual atmosphere. In Exodus chapter 32 when God's people backslid and worshipped idols, Joshua from a distance heard what he thought was the sound of war, but Moses knew it was revelry in the camp. Joshua learned spiritual discernment, an important trait to navigate his new season.

This week my friend told me of a nightmare they had and it just didn't sound right. The following day I had a bad nightmare about the same person, who was also their mutual friend. Why?

The spirit of Christ helped me discern. I realised I had been praying and witnessing to our mutual friend. It was actually spiritual warfare. Satan comes as a thief to steal and distract; my peace returned and I am praying for our friend's salvation more.

3. Christ is our righteousness, whom we must seek for fresh anointing.

The Bible says that Moses would go to a tent and seek God, speaking as if face to face with God, which means like a friend, returning from prayer, his face glowing. He was freshly anointed.

Joshua saw this, and in Exodus chapter 33 verse 11, it says that he remained in Moses' tent. He knew the source was not Moses, but God. We do well not to chase people, but God!

Friends, we need to see the value of staying in God's presence to stay shining. Christ's righteousness made the way once and for all, but we must also follow his spirit-led commands to remain in the right. As we learn righteousness, there is new liberty and we gain purity of heart to see God at work more.

Purity of heart leads to anointing. Seeking God helps us align to His kingdom, in terms of our character, life direction, and the way we do ministry, so it does not hinder God's presence. Jesus cautioned, 'seek first his kingdom and righteousness,' so we don't worry, instead we glow! What appears impossible will seem logical; it's a new outlook.

I hope you're encouraged that a new, renewed outlook is the precursor to your new season! The spirit is leading us deeper into Christ to experience this. Follow him to be ready. When you step out and see nets break, you will follow (see Luke chapter 5).

Republished from Christian Today UK.