Christians support refugees seeking shelter in Lebanon

(Photo: Unsplash/Charbel Karam)

Christian charity Help The Persecuted is providing assistance to refugees fleeing the Israel-Gaza war to Lebanon. 

Lebanon borders with northern Israel and Syria, and many have sought refuge there despite the country being in the grip of an economic crisis.

Help the Persecuted said that Christian families have crossed the border into Lebanon from Israel following the outbreak of the war. 

Lebanon is one of the most open Middle Eastern countries towards Christianity, and Help the Persecuted runs a number of safe houses in the north of the country. 

Christian families have been able to find respite in the safe houses.

"We have been shocked by the violence we've witnessed in the region in the past few weeks. But we have seen God's grace that we already had safe houses ready to provide refuge to these persecuted Christians caught in the crossfire," said Joshua Youssef, president of Help The Persecuted.

"We have also seen God's timing and grace that the vegetable farm we recently established has enabled us to feed literally thousands of devastated people.

"Our offices in Syria and Egypt also stand ready to support many more persecuted believers if the conflict continues to escalate."

A vegetabe farm was recently set up by the charity on the outskirts of Beirut to provide fresh food to persecuted and vulnerable people. 

The charity is preparing to expand its support in the coming weeks with the launch of a new ministry centre to host more Christian families with beds, food, clothing and pastoral care. 

It will also connect these families to local churches and work with government shelters to provide practical and spiritual support for refugees.

Thousands of Emergency Relief Kits are being distributed. They contain a month's supply of basic food supplies, as well as Bibles and Christian literature.

In the long term, the charity plans to expand its Enduring Livelihood programme to help refugees rebuild their lives through small-scale business.

Youssef added: "Ultimately, we desire to share the hope of the Gospel. God has uniquely positioned us to Rescue, Restore, and Rebuild the lives caught in the midst of this conflict. We believe that there is always a reason to hope because God is sovereign over everything—even this."

Republished from Christian Today UK.