Celebrating the 'God moments' in life

(Photo: Unplash/Davies Designs Studios)

Jeff Lucas has a word of encouragement for Christians struggling with the pressures of life and the pandemic: remember what God has done for you.

The popular author and speaker shared this message of hope at the national Christian Resources Exhibition in Esher, Surrey.

His talk tied in with the theme of his latest book, Singing in Babylon, which takes inspiration from the faith of Daniel and his friends, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

Speaking to people who may have experienced the "non-intervention of God", Lucas said there were lessons in faithfulness to be learned from the Hebrew men who said they would believe in God even if He did not save them.

Recognising that some Christians may be feeling "hemmed in by question marks" in their journey, Lucas said it was ok not to have all the answers or everything figured out.

"I've got more mystery in my life now than I have ever had. It's not a mindless mystery. It is an ability to say: I don't know," he said.

Despite the "mystery" and "the unresolved" in life, Lucas said there was encouragement to be found in the promise of Jesus that "I am with you."

"Am I still up for this, am I still up for following You? Faithfulness is a daily choice," he said.

Part of the key to moving past discouragement, he said, was remembering all the times God has intervened in the past.

"Don't you forget who you are - and don't forget who your God is and what He's done for you. What God moments have you got in your history that you need to unearth, remember and celebrate?" he said.

"Let's unearth again the moments when we felt God spoke, God acted, God did. Let's build an altar of remembrance from yesterday to galvanise us today."