Bishop's School in Pune receive admission threats

Not bowing to political pressure on the matter of admissions, a Christian school in Pune have approached the police for protection.

The Bishop's School in Pune have been allegedly receiving threats demanding the institution to favour students with political connections.

The principal of the school Frank Freese told media that the school board is subjected to pressure from various influential groups during admission process.

Fresse said certain groups have even threatened of strikes and break-ins into the school. The minority-run school has very limited number of seats and cannot take in students after admissions are closed, he said.

If the situation does not improve, Fresse plans to network with other schools and hold peaceful protests.

"We will hold a peace protest, instead of resorting to violence and threats to tell people about the problems that we're facing," the Indian Express quoted him saying.

The school meanwhile approached the local police station last week and informed them on the recent threats the board had received.

To prevent any untoward incidents, police have been deployed for protection.

The Bishop's School was established by the British in the year 1864. The Anglo-Indian school is among the best in India.