A prayer for when we have lost our way again

The following prayer by bestselling Nigerian-American author and speaker Enuma Okoro appears in A Rhythm of Prayer, the new prayer book curated by writer Sarah Bessey for all those feeling overworked, burnt out and in need of the peace and hope of God: 

Merciful Lord,

sometimes it seems like we can't help but lose our way

again and again.

Our hearts long to follow you

but you know the way of the human heart.

You know how in our misguided longings we veer off our journeying to you

and begin to chart our own ways

by false stars and distorted visions.

Forgive us.

Forgive us for all the times we are tempted by the hints of light

instead of remaining steered by the assurance of Light.

Forgive us when we forget

that we are already claimed by you,

loved by you,

and purposed for you.

Forgive us when we allow ourselves

to shape and be shaped

by voices and words that do not bring life,

create life, nurture life, sustain life, or resurrect life.

Merciful God,

help us find our way again.

Turn us back towards the road

spotted with your other pilgrims, wayfarers, and repentant servants.

Remind us that your Way is the way of returning.

Guide us by your Spirit and by your Light.

Make us remember the Power of the Spirit within us.

Make us remember the gifts of our minds, our hearts, and our bodies that you have bestowed on us,

that we would use them to honor the directives and the invitations you lay upon us.

We know that our ways are not your ways.

And we thank you for this.

Help us trust your ways over our ways.

Remind us of your faithfulness as you forgive us our short memory.

In your immeasurable love, grace, mercy, and wisdom, do not abandon us

regardless of how often we lose our way.

Place your wounded hands upon our broken hearts and turn us towards you.

Lord of Light, Lord of the Life, Lord of Resurrection.