98-year-old pastor recovers from coronavirus despite having other illnesses


Ninety-eight-year-old pastor who was sick with Covid-19 pneumonia on February 3 recovered from the coronavirus on February 14, which makes him the oldest man to have recovered from the deadly virus that has been spreading across China since last December.

Besides being infected by the virus, Msgr. Joseph Zhu Baoyu, bishop of Nanyang, had other illnesses like pleural effusions and arrhythmia.

After the outbreak of the deadly virus, there were reports from doctors that elderly patients or people who are already carrying diseases are more vulnerable to coronavirus.

Msgr. Zhu's recovery is an exceptional case because he was previously diagnosed with Covid-19 pneumonia but has recovered with no lung infection.

"The news of Mgr. Giuseppe Zhu Baoyu's recovery from the coronavirus was a source of joy to me," said Sergio Ticozzi, a PIME missionary who has known Msgr. Zhu for over 50 years.

According to Ticozzi, Msgr. Zhu was ordained bishop on March 19, 1995, and as a bishop he continued his daily ministry with simplicity and humility. "I rejoice in his recovery and pray to the Lord to bless him and keep him healthy for a long time," Ticozzi added.