Women of God

(Photo: Unsplash/Priscilla Du Preez)

They say that who we surround ourselves with is who we become. That is why if we would like to strive for our God-given purpose, we must pause and evaluate the people we let into our lives; and today, I would like to write about the women of God whom He said to be more precious than rubies – the ones who I believe that God wanted us to surround ourselves with.

The prayer warrior

One of the sincerest women you can ever meet is a prayer warrior. She is the one who reminds you to kneel first before you run on a tedious journey of life. She helps you in your prayer life and opens your eyes to the kind of miracles that can unfold even from just a single prayer. Not only does she inspire you to be more prayerful, but she also prays for you in ways that you cannot even imagine.

She is the one who is "on standby" in the Kingdom of God because she wakes up even in the middle of the night just to pray for you and everyone around her. She is our warrior in the spiritual realm. She walks in absolute peace because her life is dedicated to communion with the Lord. Whoever crosses her path is being blessed by her even without her saying a single word to you because she says all of it in front of God instead.

The real-life superwoman

This is the woman who takes care of her family, and clients, and of course, does her purpose well in God's kingdom. You will never see her run out of energy especially when it comes to the Lord. She may be tired of her daily tasks, but she is always ready to do what she is asked.

She is the one who is always available even during a busy day and that makes her your number 1 go-to when you need help. Even on days that she does feel tired, she still goes on and courageously finishes everything on her to-do list. This is the woman that will inspire us to always give it our best, to keep going. She is a friend and a mother all rolled into one — a real-life superwoman.

The giver

It is truly a gem to meet someone who goes out of her way just to help someone out. She never wanted the credit when she helps someone out, but God makes sure that people see what she does and appreciate her for it. Not only is she generous in helping in financial aspects but she is also generous with her time.

She is the one who will teach us to be selfless. She is the one who is willing to give out all she has and even goes beyond what she could just to lend her hand – without expecting anything in return. She is someone who may not have everything she wants but is very contented and cannot help but be a blessing to all around her. Her worth is as priceless as her heart.

The messenger

This woman is one of the fiercest in God's kingdom. She is bold with her faith and is not ashamed to share the Gospel to all. She carries God's messages with her wherever she goes and shares it tirelessly to everyone she meets.

She is usually the one who has been judged and condemned because of her faith but this did not matter to her because God's opinion is the only thing that matters to her.

She is the woman that we need to help us cope with the judgement of the world and fix our eyes on Jesus, with the way she lives her life for the Lord — it is impossible to not be encouraged and inspired to fight for our faith boldly, too!

Proverbs 31 woman

This amazing woman is the epitome of Proverbs 31. She walks with the grace of Jesus and one can even say that she is close to perfection. She reeks with the joy of the Lord and her beauty magnifies the love of God for her. She is a woman who does not please everyone, but everyone is pleased with her.

She leads people by being a servant herself and shows submission to her husband and the elders with so much respect. The Holy Spirit's fruits are very evident in how she lives her life. She got it all, yet she remains humble. She will inspire you to no end and touch your heart in places that you did not even know exist. A woman of God that is ready to laugh with you, pray for you, and be with you throughout all seasons.

They are more precious than rubies

I pray that we all have these kinds of women in our lives to inspire us, help us nourish our faith, pray with us, and be with us in our spiritual journey. They are God-sent and more precious than rubies. They may be different types of people but at the end of the day, their goals are the same – to love and honor God with all their hearts, their minds, and their souls.

"She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her" (Proverbs chapter 3, verse 15).

Republished from Christian Today UK.