Couple criticized and told to leave village for receiving prayer from pastor

(Photo: Pixabay)

According to reports from the International Christian Concern (ICC), a couple from Kalimela, Odisha, left their village after receiving criticism from villagers for bringing a pastor to pray for their ailing spouse.

Thirty-five-year-old Ganga Padiama was in desperate need of surgery after falling from a palm tree and breaking his hip on January 25th.

Padiama and his wife sought the help of witch doctors, prayed to all their gods and goddesses and invited other spiritual counselors to their house because they could not afford to get treated at a hospital and pay the bills. Nothing, however, was able to assist Padiama in his recovery.

The two decided to contact a local pastor in Kalimela since they were in severe need of healing. They invited Pastor Samuel, who prayed for Padiama by placing his hand on him. The couple came to trust in Jesus and became Christian believers that night as a result of their experiences. 

But Kalimela villagers were outraged when they learned that a Christian pastor had visited Padiama and prayed for him.

“Since you allowed a Christian pastor to enter your house, touch you and your husband, you have lost your religious value and dignity,” the villagers told the couple.

“Now you no longer belong to this village and our community. We do not want to have any relation with your family,” they said.

As a result, the couple went to a neighboring forest and constructed a little tent out of coconut leaves to dwell in.

Since the time Padiama fractured his hip, his wife has been the couple's primary source of income. The salaries, however, are insufficient for both to appropriately care for themselves. 

Despite the difficulties, the couple stays dedicated to Jesus and hopes that the Lord will provide total recovery.

“Jesus sustains us,” Padiama stated.

He has restored 40 percent of his strength without medical assistance after weeks of continual prayer.