Justin Bieber thanks Jesus for forgiveness after leaving wild days behind

Published Tuesday, July 21, 2020  |  
(Photo: Instagram/Justin Bieber)

Pop star Justin Bieber, who once made more bad headlines than good, has thanked Jesus that he no longer has to live in shame.

The "What Do You Mean?" singer shared his reflections on the meaning of his Christian faith on his Instagram page, where he has over 140 million followers.

"Thank you Jesus for my life. Thank you for your forgiveness! Thank you for showing me I am enough!" he wrote.

"Thank you that I no longer have to carry shame but can walk with my chest up and head held high knowing I am loved, chosen, and forgiven!"

He posted his reflection next to a selfie of him wearing a gray hoodie and looking pensive.

Continuing on, he encouraged his millions of followers to share all their burdens with Jesus.

"If you struggle with your past give it to Jesus! He isn't burdened by it!" he said.

"He loves you and is honored to know all of little details good and bad in your life! He isn't angry with you, he wants the best for you!"

The message of forgiveness is something Bieber has first hand experience of after years of negative press for DUI charges, drug use and an arrest for drag racing. In 2014, he paid out $80,000 to settle a lawsuit with a neighbor whose house he was accused of egging.

But that same year, he dramatically changed his ways and got baptized in a bathtub. He's been committed to his Christian faith ever since.

The last few weeks may have been tough for the 26-year-old too, though, after he was accused last month of committing sexual assault against a woman in 2014.

Bieber said he would be taking legal action over the "factually impossible" claims.