Diocese of Salisbury raises £78,000 for Sudan and South Sudan amid threat of famine

Published Monday, September 14, 2020  |  
(Photo: Diocese of Salisbury)The donation will be split evenly between the two countries.

With millions in need in Sudan and South Sudan, the Diocese of Salisbury is sending over £78,000 to help the efforts of Anglicans on the ground in the two countries.

The donation was raised through its Diocesan Emergency Appeal for the two countries, which smashed the original goal of £50,000.

The Bishop of Salisbury, the Rt Rev Nicholas Holtam, who launched the appeal at the start of July, said: "Thanks be to God for the generosity of many donors who supported this emergency appeal for our partners in the Sudan and South Sudan. I know it will mean a lot to our partners and friends.

"This support is more than money. It is a gift of hope. It is also good for us to lift our sights and care for our neighbour at what is also a difficult time here.

"I thank those who gave from the bottom of my heart. It was an amazing achievement to raise this in a month."

The funds will be divided equally between the two provinces of Sudan and South Sudan.

The donations will be used by Anglicans in South Sudan to distribute soap and hygiene products to help people protect themselves from coronavirus.

In Sudan, where the economy has collapsed and the country is facing famine, the money will be used to provide emergency food parcels.

Canon Ian Woodward, Chair of the Salisbury Sudans Committee said: "We have been hugely blessed with the wonderful response to our appeal for the support of our Sudanese and South Sudanese brothers and sisters in the Covid-19 crisis.

"We set a target of £50,000 but have exceeded that by more than 50% to £78,600 – and as many Sudanese folks think more in terms of US dollars - that's over $US 100,000 in their terms.

"It is a magnificent achievement and says a great deal about how much we in the Diocese of Salisbury love and value our fellow Sudanese and South Sudanese friends."