Death toll increases as coronavirus continues to spread in China

Published Thursday, February 06, 2020  |  

The deadly coronavirus continues to spread rapidly and according to the recent update from Chinese authorities, 563 people have died so far in China. Yesterday alone, 73 people died of the infection.

There were 3694 infected cases in one day and 5328 suspected cases. In all, the total number of infected cases has risen to 28,018, and 24, 702 more people are suspected to be infected.

Researchers continue to discover different aspects of the infection and found that a 56-year-old man from Ningbo, Zhejiang province, was infected within 15 seconds after being in contact with an infected man. Both were not wearing masks.

In another instance, a newborn was infected by his/her mother in just 30 hours after birth. This is confirming that a pregnant woman with a positive coronavirus test may pass the infection to the baby in her womb.

Doctors in Wuhan, the origin of the epidemic, have reported that there is a lack of medicines and medical supplies.

Peng Zhiyong, a doctor from Wuhan, told Caixin that doctors and nurses in the epicenter city are overwhelmed by the number of patients pouring into medical centers. He said there is a lack of masks, beds, overalls and treatments. The doctors work around the clock without break. They do not eat, take breaks or use the bathroom as they do not have enough suits to change.

According to doctor Peng, people with strong immune systems start to heal after the second week. However, the second week is most crucial as the infection may even worsen. Patients with severe infection on the third week need extraordinary interventions.

Compared to SARS that had a general death rate of 10%, the death rate due to coronavirus is around 2%, doctor Peng added.

The Chinese government has been successful in opening two new hospitals in a very short time to host thousands of people affected by the deadly virus. Additionally, to treat people with no serious infection, two conference rooms and a stage are being prepared in modular hospitals, which will add about 3800 beds.