Christian forum stress on unity among denominations

Stressing on unity, the Archbishop of Bangalore Bernard Moras reiterated the need for Christian denominations to keep aside differences and come together as one body of Christ.

Archbishop Moras, while addressing the second general assembly of the Karnataka United Christian Forum for Human Rights (KUCFHR), called churches to unite and find ways to "promote true unity and solidarity among ourselves."

He expressed delight over the Forum setting up eight regional units across the state for "united witness and action" on Christian concerns.

Addressing the convention comprised of over 100 church leaders, Bishop Vasant Kumar, Moderator of the Church of South India (CSI), said: "We have gathered here together because of the attacks we have faced. I thank God for the atrocities on Christians in Karnataka during last two years. No other state in the country has such a strong ecumenical network."

In his keynote address, Bishop Samuel Mathew of Believers Church urged Christians to "study the development and growth of Church in this post-modern era which poses a number of challenges."

He made a strong appeal to the members to become instruments of unity and promoters of justice in the society.

Methodist Bishop Taranth Sagar, who hosted the general assembly, congratulated Archbishop Moras for his initiative and keen interest in the Forum's smooth functioning.

"We have to maximize our essentials and minimize our non-essentials that divide us," Bishop Sagar, who is also the president of the National Council of Churches in India (NCCI), urged.

The meeting ended with all the participants holding hands together and singing the hymn 'Bind us together Lord'.

KUCFHR is a common platform of major Christian denominations like Catholics, Evangelicals, Methodists, Orthodox, Pentecostals and Protestants. It was formed in the wake of unprecedented violence against Christians in the state.