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Why We Should Not Take Ourselves Too Seriously: 7 Fun Looks At Evangelical Christian Culture

No one in life should take themselves too seriously, and certainly not Christians. The Church has a beautiful, radical, profound message to share with the world, one that should be celebrated and taken seriously. But the Church also participates in a lot of silliness that from time to time just needs to be called out, and somehow evangelical Christians seem to be the most ripe for lampooning.
  • The 5 Least Favourite Books Of The Bible

    Are there books of the Bible that you struggle with? You know they're inspired, but perhaps you really don't turn to them all that often and you might not miss them if they weren't there? Everyone has their favourites, which means that of course, everyone has their least favourites too. A recent survey by Bible Society has ranked people's least favourite books of the Bible. What are they, and why are they so unloved?
  • 3 Ways to Respond to God's Answers to Prayer

    God answers our prayers. However, being the wise and good Father that He is, He answers our prayers in the way He sees best – either with a "yes" or a "no." And truth be told, whatever His answer is, it's always good, pleasing, perfect, and better than what we ask Him for.
  • 'Adulting' in Christ — 3 Ways to Be a Mature and Responsible Christian

    Millennials today often use the word "adulting" when they do something that an adult usually does in life. It may be going to the market, doing the laundry, cooking food for yourself, or perhaps leaving home to go to college, stay in a dorm, and live on your own. Whatever it is, young ones call it "#adulting."
  • Unsatisfied At Work? Here's How To Find Fulfilment

    The world of work can be an absolute minefield. From figuring out what on earth you're meant to do with your life, to cracking just what a 'business-casual' dresscode actually means, it can sometimes feel like one hurdle after another. Throw into the mix a question of whether you're truly fulfilled, or living out your God-given purpose, and the whole thing can be totally overwhelming.
  • Real Leaders Sacrifice Before They Benefit

    Corporate leadership today comes with a lot of perks—high compensation, company-paid trips, big offices and so much more. Sometimes the perks can become the motivation for people to want leadership, only to find little satisfaction if they do reach it and frustration when they don't.
  • Here's How Christians Should Handle Competition in the Workplace

    Workplace competition is a common thing. Man is a competitive being, often desiring to outdo one's self and others. While this could have negative impact in a person's life, the same goes for the opposite: Competition can also be productive and helpful. That is, if it's healthy.
  • 3 Truths That Will Help You Grow In The Fruit Of Patience

    My family and I were invited to a company's family day as guests because one of the directors was a good friend of ours. It was a great occasion with lots of fun games and activities. The only catch was that the lines to the activities were quite long. Just getting our daughter into the inflatable playground was a fifteen-minute wait.
  • 3 Ancient Prayers That Will Help You Encounter God In A New Way

    "To clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world," theologian Karl Barth once said. Prayer is a tried and trusted way of encountering God and of being in communion with him, and it's a vital part of the Christian faith.
  • 4 Ways To Encourage Young People To Lead In Church

    Young people are leaving the church in droves – or so the headlines tell us. Statistics released by the Pew Research Centre earlier this year found that Millennials are more likely to have a negative view of religious organisations than older generations.