'Young Sheldon' challenges a pastor on the existence of God during hit TV show; did the pastor win?

Published 17 November 2017  |  
Young Sheldon converses with his pastor about the existence of God.

The CBS show "Young Sheldon" is based on the childhood of the highly popular "The Big Bang Theory" character, Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons). Those who love the comedy series know fully well that Sheldon does not believe in God and religion, even though his mother is a staunch Christian.

"Young Sheldon" further explores the scientist's distaste for his mother's beliefs, according to Patheos. In one episode, Sheldon (Iain Armitage) even argued about the existence of God with his pastor during a sermon.

"Sometimes, people say to me, "Pastor Jeff, how do you know there's a God?" And I say it's simple math. God either exists or He doesn't. So let's be cynical. Worst case scenario, there's a 50/50 chance! And I like those odds!" Pastor Jeff said in the episode.

Sheldon says the pastor is wrong, and his mother tries to keep him from confronting him. But when he refuses to be swayed, Pastor Jeff invites the young boy to explain why God does not exist.

"You've confused possibilities with probabilities. According to your analogy, when I go home, I might find a million dollars on my bed or I might not. In what universe is that 50/50?" Sheldon explained.

"So what do you think the odds are that God exists?" Pastor Jeff replied, to which Sheldon answered that it's zero because he believes in science.

"So you don't think science and religion can go hand in hand?" Pastor Jeff asked. "Science is facts. Religion is faith. I prefer facts," Sheldon said.

Pastor Jeff then provided some incredible news about men of science. "I understand that. Here's a cool fact for you: A lot of famous scientists believed in God. Isaac Newton. Albert Einstein. Even Charles Darwin," he revealed.

A skeptical Sheldon then said, "So Darwin's right about God and wrong about evolution?" Pastor Jeff was quick to reply, "Now you're getting it! Let's give it up for Sheldon, everybody!"


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