World Council of Churches to Visit China; Celebrate its 70th Anniversary

Published 10 January 2018  |  
In Beijing on 7 January, WCC general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit preached in Chongwenmen Church, one of the oldest Protestant churches in China, on the theme "Jesus Christ, the Joy of the World."

World Council of Churches (WCC) will celebrate its 70th anniversary during the church body's visit to China from Jan. 7 to 16.

The WCC delegation, including general secretary Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, Dr Sang Chang, Asia president, and Rev. Dr Peniel Rajumkar, programme executive for Interreligious Dialogue will visit Shanghai and meet with the China Christian Council and the Three-Self Patriotic Movement, as well as with the leadership and students at the East China Theological Seminary. They will also travel to Xi'an and visit Shaanxi Bible School and Jing Xin Church.

"It's a historic journey in many ways, and comes as a follow up to the meeting of the Executive Committee in 2016. I am eager to meet more representatives from churches, particularly students and youth who represent the church of the future," said Tveit.

"As we are staring our year of the WCC's 70th Anniversary in China, we show that the WCC is a living fellowship with a rich legacy now active and open for the calling of the ecumenical movement in the 21st century," he added.

Tveit will preach in Chongwenmen Church, on Jan. 7 on the theme "Jesus Christ, the joy of the World."

"China has the world's largest population and is very significant partner in addressing the global challenges of our time. The church in China has a very significant role in shaping the Christian witness and service in our time, both in China and in the global fellowship," said Tveit.

The WCC delegation will also meet with Chinese religious leaders and representatives from the State Administration for Religious Affairs.


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