'We Look For Leader Who Would Work For The Poor': Meghalaya Church

Published 22 February 2018  |  

Christians in Meghalaya has said it is looking for a leader who would work for the poor, having the state assembly elections on Feb. 27.

The church definitely looks forward to candidates and parties who are honest, work for the poor, and are serious about tackling the burning problems faced by the people, said Fr Bivan R. Mukhim, principal of Don Bosco College in Tura.

With over 75 per cent of Meghalaya's population Christians, both the Congress and the BJP are out to woo the church ahead of the assembly elections.

"It is a fact that political parties try to woo the Church during elections. Political leaders and candidates visit Churches and other religious institutions, and nowadays even take pictures with religious leaders to later put them out through various media to claim they have their blessings," said Mukhim.

"But as far as the Catholic Church is concerned, it has nothing to with politics. We are neutral. We work for the poor," he added.

The church is clear on its stand.

"We look for a leader who would work for the poor. We look for a party that is concerned about the poor. There are so many burning issues, such as unemployment, poverty, healthcare, roads, insurgency which require urgent attention," he said, according to Indian Express.


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