Viral clip shows priest's stunning dance moves in flash mob

Published 12 July 2017  |  

An Indian Catholic priest left his congregation stunned as he joined with children in his congregation for an incredible dance routine mid service.

Father Merton D Silva, of St Ambrose Church in Kerala, joined the ranks of 'dancing priests' as he showed off his moves to Nothing my God cannot do.

Facebook / Shine Antony

The video clip posted on Facebook has been shared thousands of times as Silva took the internet by storm.

It shows a group of youngsters performing an immaculate dance routine before the priest, fully kitted out in the white robes, joins the flash mobs with shapes that would put a professional dancer to shame.

But Silva isn't the first Kerala priest to become an online sensation.

Earlier this year an elderly priest, again dressed in the traditional white robes, defied the stereotype of being austere and strict to break into some of the most spectacular break dance moves the internet has seen.

Watch the video below:


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