Vineyard Network Starts Record Label To Highlight Younger Worship Music

Published 15 February 2017  |  
Union Records
Joel Barber

The Vineyard Church network in the UK is launching a new record label aimed at getting talented young worship leaders more exposure.

The label, called Union, will showcase younger musicians, songwriters and bands which come from the network which has over 100 churches in the UK and Ireland.

It's expected that the style will be different to that of previous generations, with Union declaring, "It will undoubtedly look, sound and feel different from their parents generation's expression of worship, but the heart and the values will remain the same."

The first release from the new label is an EP by Leicester based worship leader Joel Barber called Streets Of Grace.

20-year-old Barber has previously worked with experienced worship leaders such as Tim Hughes and Beth Croft. He has also played guitar in the Soul Survivor worship bands. His first single is called City On Fire.

The Vineyard movement was born out of the ministry of the late John Wimber and has been a big influence on charismatic evangelical churches on both sides of the Atlantic. The existing Vineyard Record label has focussed on releasing music by church worship bands such as those from the Trent Vineyard in Nottingham and Mercy Vineyard in Southampton.


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