US Offers $5,00,000 to Promote Religious Freedom in India

Published 14 November 2017  |  
The US State Department said NGOs applying for the grant should come out with proposals to develop warning systems to mitigate large-scale violence.

With an aim to promote religious freedom in India and Sri Lanka, the United States has announced to offer US$ 5,00,000 for organizations that can come up with ideas and programs that will mitigate religiously-motivated violence and discrimination.

In a statement, the Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, said it seeks to "reduce religiously-motivated violence and discrimination in India" through its $4,93,827 program.

For Sri Lanka, the department seeks to ensure that laws and government policies protecting religious freedom are implemented effectively.

For India, the department wants the participating organization to propose, develop and implement ideas of early warning systems to lessen large-scale violence; and execute conflict alleviation programs between minority and majority communities.

The applicants must develop programs also include countering hateful or discriminatory public messages with positive messages utilizing all kinds of media.

The applicant's proposals must also include ideas to educate civil society and journalists about legal protections for religious freedom, particularly for members of religious minorities. The applicants also need to document and report religious freedom violations to authorities; and educate law enforcement on human rights standards.


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