Urgent prayer for areas affected by drought in India

Published 06 August 2019  |  

Experts warn that some cities in India may run out of water completely by next year as a result of year-long drought in Southeast Asia.

The situation is so hopeless that people must decide between drinking water or bathing. Crops and livestock are dying due to the lack of water and thousands of villagers are deserted in some areas.

The Guardian reported this as an "historic" drought, which is much worse than the 1972 crisis.

Danny Yohannan from Gospel for Asia (GFA) said, India needs urgent prayer for heavy rain.

GFA is doing its best to show God's love in practical ways and comfort the affected families. Yohannan is urging Christians from across the world to join hands and get involved in it. "Even if we can help one person to make a difference in their life, that is very significant in the eyes of God," he said.

Started by K.P. Yohannan, GFA is a non-profit mission organization that focuses on helping the poor and needy people in Asia and India through God's love.


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