Threats to Demolish a House Where Christians Gather to Pray, Worship

Published 15 November 2017  |  
United Christian Forum of India
Christians protest for their rights.

A family in Madhya Pradesh that had welcomed Christians to worship and pray in their house has been threatened with demolition of their house by local municipality.

The family that resides in Lanji area belonging to the maoist-infested Balaghat district believes in Jesus Christ. But they have not officially converted to Christianity.

Mahendra Bauddha, head of the family, has invited local residents for prayer and worship at his place, allowing his house to be used as a house-church, which the authorities have disliked.

"This has come to our knowledge through sources that this building is being used as church and prayer meets. Since this building has not been declared as church, no religious activities can be carried out in the premises, read a notice from the chief municipal officer (CMO) of Lanji.

"If any such activities are reported after getting this notice, you would be solely accountable for any action of demolition taken under Madhya Pradesh Municipal Corporation Act," it added.

Bauddha, who claims to be a social activist, said he has not converted his religion to Christianity yet but is a firm believer of the Lord.

"We are living in this house for last 12 years. Some local residents who have faith in Jesus do visit my house for prayers often and none of them are Christians. We are not into an evangelical activity," he told Times of India.

He also said that many people in the area had been threatening him for the past many years.

"I was attacked in 2007. Threats through phone calls have become a routine affair," he said.

According to a report on Christian persecution till 2015, Madhya Pradesh is home for the worst attacks against Christians, followed by Tamil Nadu and Jharkhand. The report was published by Catholic Secular Forum (CSF) in 2016.


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