The 21 Day Challenge: How 3 weeks could revolutionise your spiritual life

Published 01 February 2018  |  

Christian commitment to a year of spiritual resolve can be a daunting prospect, but three weeks may be all it takes to revolutionise your life. YouVersion, the team behind the popular Bible App, is once again inviting users to undertake the 21 Day Challenge, starting today, February 1.

The task is to commit to a Bible-reading plan (or several), of which there are many hosted by the app, for 21 consecutive days. Succeeding at this relatively modest commitment is believed to be the path to establishing a long-term habit.

YouVersion wrote: 'Just three weeks of consistent behaviour can carry you well on your way to a new habit. That's why we created the annual 21-Day Challenge: to help you engage with the Bible every day. Start a new plan now... and start each day in this new year with a fresh perspective.'


The approach draws on the popular notion, drawn from the thought of Dr Maxwell Maltz, that 21 days of resolve are what it takes to form a habit. It may also be a complete myth that the idea belongs to Maltz or that it reliably works, but it remains influential. Like the progressive stretching of a muscle, daily, dedicated exercise of the human will can train and expand its potential.

The makers of the Bible App are drawing on that wisdom to encourage believers to engage in spiritual discipline – forming habits that lead one to prayer, the study of Scripture and a deeper relationship with God.

If you failed your New Years resolution to somehow lead a more spiritual life, then the game isn't over yet. January is a bleak time of year, but as the days get brighter, perhaps February is riper for optimistic life-improvement – a fresh opportunity for pious resolve.

The extensive library of plans and devotionals on the Bible App offers wide choice for its users. Whatever your denominational background or whoever your favourite preacher may be, there's plenty to draw on that can feed the soul. The app's highly accessible interface remembers progress and encourages commitment with daily reminders and even a 'badge' of reward for the devout who complete their three-week endeavour.

Can 21 days of determination change your life? There's only one way to find out.

To find out more about the Bible App, click here.


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