Syro-Malabar Church's 54th Annual Meet

Published 01 December 2017  |  
Mar Thoma Sliva symbolizes the identity of Saint Thomas Christians (also known as Syrian Christians or Nasranis) of Kerala, India.

As part of the 54th edition of the annual meet of the Syro-Malabar Church, an art exhibition was held at at Kanjoor St Mary's Forane church in Kochi, Kerala.

Organized by the Liturgical Research Centre of the church, the three-day event was based on the heritage of the Church in Kerala. It was concluded on Nov. 26.

The church exposed its heritage in the state through art-expo event.

According to TOI, more than 30 artists from across India attended the art-expo. Students and teachers from the Sanskrit university and RLV Arts and Science College also attended the event.

The altar of the Kanjoor Church has been carved out of a single stone which was donated by Shakthan Thanpuran. The organizers selected the church for the expo mainly because of the art works in the church that were depicted through paintings by artists.

The paintings would be displayed at the Christian Museum at Mount St Thomas, Kakkanad.


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