Swamy's Remarks on Mother Teresa Hurt Christian Sentiments

Published 09 October 2017  |  

Christian organizations in the Andhra Pradesh on Sept. 28 strongly condemned the remarks made by Paripoornananda Swamy against Mother Teresa in an interview with a Telugu channel.

Swamy in an anxious mood reportedly asked why Mother Teresa chose India and no other poor Christian countries. In connection to the Mother, he also allegedly said that he has evidence of 50,000 women trafficked illegally to various countries. According to Hans India, Swamy also asked why the Mother was conferred with Bharat Ratna.

Oliver Rayi, president of Christian Leaders Forum (CLF) has expressed displeasure and said the Christian community in the state demands an apology from Swamy. He also said he will sought President Ram Nath Govind's help to resolve this case, as the remarks made will unnecessarily create communal unrest and fuel hatred.

The remarks have put the country in bad light in the global humanitarian aid sector as it hurt the sentiments of Christians and seminarians.

Swamy made a fool of himself by ridiculing Mother, said Rayi.

He said the forum will legally pursue the matter and if Swamy did not publically apologize within a week.


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