Social Media Campaign to Stop Hindus From Eradicating Christianity in India

Published 21 March 2018  |  
Open Doors
Aa video still from Hindu extremist seeming to show Thangam Venkatesh (left) shouting abuse at Pastor Jagatheesan.

In protest to the plans by Hindu groups to make India an exclusively Hindu nation by eradicating Christianity and other religious minorities within three years, Open Doors, an international Christian aid group, has announced its move to launch a social media campaign.

The announcement comes in the course of church attacks by Hindu extremists who want India to become entirely 'Hindu Rashtra' by 2021.

In a recent attack against churches in Tamil Nadu, where a Hindu mob of 50 extremists raided five churches brutally attacking and abusing Christians as they worshipped, reinforces the increasing persecution and the Hindu extremists' resolve to drive out Christians and turn India into a 100 percent Hindu state.

"Unfortunately" Christians facing assaults, "often receive little or no protection from government officials who themselves ascribe to Hinduism," Open Doors said in a statement, according to

For instance, in the Tamil Nadu churches attack, where the crowd reportedly stripped and beat several women, the attackers, included a state-provided police officer, who was part of Hindu Munnani, a group formed to defend Hinduism.

"As victims suffer, the lack of community response piles on another layer of persecution. In addition to the physical violence, they are made to feel isolated, excluded, and alone," the statement read.

Open Doors wants to "light up" social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others social networking sites before Easter.

The campaign will include "memes that remind believers in India that Christians around the world stand with them, pray for them and call on world leaders to intervene on their behalf," Open Doors said.


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