Rising concerns over the Christian Missionary Cell in Mizoram

Published 30 July 2019  |  

The BJP in Mizoram formed a Christian Missionary Cell to collect community data and connect with people of the state on July 17th.

The formation of the Christian Missionary Cell has left a Christian organisation questioning the motive behind the cell group, especially when the education policy is being pushed to homogenise Indian society.

In a statement issued by its spokesperson Allen Brooks of the Assam Christian Forum, "Those who work for the dominant party are formed into a Christian Missionary Cell, whose mission will be to collect data about Christian activities and pass it on to their opponents who wish to undermine the unity of the Christian service in the northeast."

In a meeting held on July 26, the Assam Christian Forum discussed the rush with which the Center is trying to press an unstudied and un-reflected education policy on the northeast people.

The meeting included leaders from the Church of North East India, Church of North India, Catholic Church, Presbyterian Church of India, Council of Baptist Churches, Lutheran Church and other Christian organisations.

The leaders saw a planned and formulated strategy to homogenise Indian society and undermine the contribution in education. They felt these strategies weakened the efforts of smaller communities and minorities to rise from a humbler position, and if implemented, they will not have the opportunity to go beyond their assigned levels.

"Dissent is being systematically sponsored, fragmentation is encouraged, irritant cells are being planted to as many Church groups are possible," the forum said.

In addition, the leaders in the meeting laid focused on the ruling dispensation and planned effort to divide the Christian communities in the state.


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