Rightwing Demands Action Against Archdiocese of Gandhinagar

Published 24 November 2017  |  

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)-affiliated Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) has moved the Election Commission (EC) against Archdiocese of Gandhinagar, Archbishop Thomas Macwan, for releasing a signed communique which urged Christians to pray for the victory of "humane" leaders in the upcoming Gujarat elections who will who "remain faithful to the Indian Constitution" and "save secularism" from the "nationalist forces", which were on the "verge of taking over the country".

Though the letter didn't mention any political party nor made any direct vote appeal, BJP and RSS have taken it too personal. LRO has filed a formal complaint with the EC, alleging a paid news angle behind the communique released on Nov. 21. The rightwing legal body has called for a probe and demanded action against Macwan.

"With this complaint, I urge you to immediately take action against Bishop and thwart his attempts to divide Gujarat voters on the bases of caste, creed and religion. As the statement is highly biased against ruling party, paid news angle should be investigated and due action be taken against those guilty," said Vinay Joshi, LRO convenor and former RSS pracharak.

While the communique pointed out to insecurities faced by the poor, OBC and minorities because of violation of their Constitutional rights under the present government, the LRO letter accused the archbishop of trying "his best to generate fear among voters".

According to DNA, the letter also accused the archbishop for trying "to divide voters on the basis of caste and creed" and "spreading the rumors to create clashes between various social groups and also making baseless allegations against Nationalists Forces".


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