Pray for growing persecution of minorities in India

Published 01 August 2019  |  

Eight believers in Jharkhand were beaten and threatened by Hindu extremists for refusing to recant their faith.

Anti-conversion laws in Jharkhand has led to anti-Christian pressure and local authorities failing to take action is giving rise to some of the pressures.

According to David Curry of the Open Doors USA, persecution is not unusual for.

Indian Christians. Open Doors' World Watch List shows India on the 10th spot, ranking one of the most dangerous countries for Christians.

Curry says the world has to wake up to the religious persecution that's happening to Christians and Muslims in India. India has freedom of religion but in 2018 alone, 635 pastors were arrested because of their faith and held without trial.

"I was talking to an Indian lawyer last week and they said, 'You know, it's ironic that now in India, we can choose our gender, but we can't choose our faith,'" Curry added.

Curry suggests that "Calling your representative to let them know you're concerned about the persecution of Christians in India," is important in order to let their voices be heard.

"Those churches and people who have a passion for India need to let people know that the environment has shifted over the last six years and it's a new world, so we really need to be praying for the Christian church," prayed Curry.


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