Popular South Indian actress Nagma embraces Christianity; wants to spread gospel

Published 03 June 2008  |  
Popular South Indian actress Nagma has publicly confirmed her conversion to Christianity.

The actress who ruled over the Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films from 1993 to 1997, revealed about her Christian faith at a prayer meeting for film artistes in Chennai.

The meeting, which was organised by the ‘Jesus Redeems Ministries’, founder Pastor Bro. Mohan C. Lazarus invited several film personalities including Prabhu Solomon, actors Chinni Jayanth and Junior Balaiah.

Nagma has reportedly explained that she embraced Christianity after her stint in politics that led to extreme depression in her life.

At the meeting, she was quoted as saying, Jesus Christ was the only super star in her life and that she wanted to preach and spread the Gospel to every town and city the Lord takes her to.

The actress astonished the crowd with her testimony and her knowledge of the Bible.

She said in her speech that her stint in politics led to depression, which went to the extent of attempting suicide. These instances apparently gave her a chance to read the Bible, which brought about change in her life.

All her problems, she said, started fading away one by one after she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior.

The actress is currently a major star in Bhojpuri movies where she found success as a leading lady.

It is learnt that the actress has been offered a prominent role in a Hollywood movie, which will begin its shooting in London.


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