Popular evangelist Dr PP Job passes away

Published 20 August 2012  |  
Internationally known evangelist and Charismatic preacher Dr PP Job passed away yesterday, August 19, after suffering a massive heart attack.

Dr Job (67) was travelling Hungary to preach at a church in Tiszanagyfalu.

"It is with deep regret we announce that Dr PP Job has left this world to meet his maker on August 19 at 6.15 pm IST," stated a note on Job's website.

"After the Sunday morning service he returned to the home where he was staying to rest. There he had a massive heart attack and in spite of the best efforts of the doctors he could not be revived," the note informed.

Dr Job has worked as an evangelist since 1963, working especially amongst the persecuted church in the Communist and the Muslim world. He was the President of International Christian Association - the worldwide Christian Mission amongst the persecuted believers founded by Rev Richard Wurmbrand. He worked actively in this organisation for 33 years.

In June of 1999, following the failed attempt on Job's life, radical Hindus killed his 21 year old son, Michael by running him down with a car near the medical school where he was studying to become a doctor.

At his son's funeral, Dr Job proclaimed, "[Losing my son] was like having my right arm cut off. But I will still serve God with my left arm."

The very next year, in 2000, Job began the Michael Job Center to provide a sanctuary for the daughters of martyred persecuted and destitute Christians. Currently there are approximately 500 girls at the Centre who have come from all over India.

"A relentless crusader, he was constantly on the move ignoring his own health and he was a true soldier who continued faithful even under adverse conditions," said Christian columnist MPK Kutty who knew Dr Job since his initial days in Delhi.

"With a heavy heart I received the message of Dr Job's passing away in Hungary. We had known each other since the time I landed in Delhi in 1968 and witnessed his labours in Lord's vineyard."

"He is a miracle and God's special creation," adds Kutty, who eulogises the renowned evangelist as a groundnut vendor and Communist who would "become a modern hero for Jesus Christ in a world that is a still a threat to His disciples".


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