Pope: Act the Word of God You Hear

Published 06 November 2017  |  

Pope Francis has urged the secular institutes to reflect and act the Word of God they hear, as he was addressing the Italian Conference of ‎Secular Institutes (CIIS) in Rome on Oct. 28.

Under the banner, "Beyond and ‎in the Midst: Secular Institutes: Stories of passion and prophecy for God and the world," CIIS held a two-day conference on Oct. 28 and 29.

According to Vatican Radio, a secular ‎institute is an institute of set apart members who live in the world, unlike people of a religious ‎organization or congregation who are mandated to live in a community. ‎

Francis said secular institute's commission is carrying what God has to say to the world and acting upon it. Actively living one's calling is very important at times of tribulations and temptations to isolate oneself into a comfortable and secure situation ‎and withdraw from the world, he said.

Secular institute's "place is to 'stay in' with the transforming ‎presence of the Gospel," he added.

He acknowledged that in the difficult path the Lord wants to walk ‎with them.‎

Being aware of their surroundings and discovering where God manifests Himself, is also part of the institute's vocation and mission, said Francis.

He also suggested five spiritual attitudes:

Pray to be united to God and to listen to Him; discernment to prioritize and distinguish between essentials and non-essential things; follow Jesus' example in sharing the gospel to lot of ‎men and women even in tragic and dark times; don't lose confidence and courage, but find ‎good in everything; and be animated by Christ's sympathy for the world and the people to be free and passionate like salt and ‎yeast in the world.‎


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