Policemen dressed in civilian clothes raided a Christian wedding in Pakistan

Published 12 December 2019  |  
(Photo: Unsplash/Sameer Akhtari)

Four policemen raided a Christian wedding in Gojra, Pakistan's Punjab province, and vandalized the home where the ceremony took place on December 5.

The authorities were dressed in civilian outfit and attacked when Sajid Masih's wedding was in progress. They used abusive language and beat many Christians attending the ceremony.

According to one of the victims, the policemen called the Christian women "Kanjries," which means prostitutes, and "Choori," an insulting word to characterize Christians as unclean and untouchable.

Bishop John Samuel of Faisalabad said that those injured were refused medical treatment at the nearest hospital, as per the police directives to the medical staff.

Outraged local Christians protested against the police administration. They called for legal action against the officials involved in the attack. They also requested the administration to provide greater security for Christians living in the proximity.

Talking to media, bishop Samuel said, "An FIR must be registered against those so-called policemen who attacked, abused women and damaged households. The community will be forced to use other peaceful means to bring the truth to the surface."


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