Pastor to Walk 30 Kms in England to Support Orphans in Hyderabad

Published 12 January 2018  |  

A pastor in Hunstanton, England, has planned to walk 30 kilometers along the North Norfolk Coastal Path to raise money for 30 orphans living in Hyderabad, ahead of his trip to India in summer.

Pr Daniel Holland, leader of the Way Christian Fellowship in Hunstanton, will arrive at Hyderabad in April to minister in the region. This is his fourth visit to the city.

Daniel has been working closely with Pr Moses, who heads a church and the orphanage in Kukatpally, Hyderabad.

To support the "young man with great vision", Daniel is trying his best to raise money for new clothes and school equipment for the orphanage. One of his fund raising strategies is taking 30 kilometer walk along the North Norfolk Coastal Path on March 10.

Daniel believes that the sponsored walk from the far side of Wells to Hunstanton will draw more people and help him accomplish his goal.

"I want to provide new clothes for the 30 children along with school equipment. This doesn't solve all their problems but it takes some of the pressure off my friend pastor Moses. The children always have a smile on their faces, no matter that they have come from crushing poverty and difficulties we can only guess at. Let's give them a reason to smile and a chance to excel in their education," said Daniel, according to Network Norwich.

"A little of our money goes a long way in India. Please sponsor me in this venture. I will be visiting Moses in April and look forward to seeing the children again, hopefully wearing their beautiful and colorful new outfits," he added.


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