Pastor in Tamil Nadu arrested for insulting Hindu sentiments

Published 13 November 2019  |  

A pastor in Tamil Nadu was arrested after his neighbour accused him of burning images of Hindu gods and insulting the sentiments of Hindu religion on November 2.

Complaint against the 53-year-old pastor, John Britto was filed by an activist from the local Hindu nationalist group, which is responsible for many other attacks on Christians in Tamil Nadu.

Reflecting on the incident, Sajan K. George, president of the Global Council of India Churches, told Asia News that "Some members of the Hindu extremist group Munnani are venting violence against shepherds in the southern state of Tamil Nadu."

"We cannot have independent confirmations whether it was really the pastor who burned the images or whether they were placed there by people with ulterior motives," George added.

Radical Hindu nationalists commonly justify assault and harassment against Christians by accusing them of forced conversions, now accusations of blasphemy is also becoming another norm to harass believers.


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