Pakistani Christian Family Threatened to be Killed as Muslims Sought Vengeance

Published 09 October 2017  |

A Christian family in Pakistan has been facing threats from Muslim zealots who seek revenge.

Saima (given name) had converted to Christianity over two decades ago and married a Christian man named Abid Masih. Her conversion distressed her family. Since then Saima's family threatened to kill Abid Masih, according to Christians in Pakistan.

When the couple moved to an unknown place, Saima's family began threatening Abid's parents.

The two with their one year-old daughter remain hiding for years with legal aid from Legal Evangelical Association Development (LEAD).

In 2013, Saima's family began to intensively look for her to take out their vengeance.

Sardar Mushtaq Gill, head of LEAD, said that when Saima's family couldn't find her, they threatened other family members of Abid.

"They have also threatened to kidnap her husband's sisters and kill the couple and other relatives," said Gill.

Again, her family sent threats to Abid's sister. They had given him a day's time to divorce his wife, failing which, his sister would be abducted, Gill said while addressing Christians in Pakistan.

"The State must protect and save them, or the victim family will soon be abducted. This is a case of intolerance of faith. Marriage is a sacrament between two persons," he said.

Gill urged the government of Pakistan to provide full protection to Abid and his family. He said the government must act before it is too late for his family to survive.


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