Pakistani Christian Beaten for Displaying Cross on His Car

Published 06 November 2017  |  

A Christian worshipper of Pakistani origin has been beaten up by a group of Muslims, leaving him with a broken nose for displaying a cross and poppies on his car.

Delivery driver Tajamal Amar, 46-year-old, has also suffered several lacerations to the head and body. He said he was hit with a knuckle duster and beaten unconscious during the attack outside a fast-food restaurant—Red Chilli restaurant in Littleover, Derbyshire, on Oct. 20.

He spent two days in hospital after he was assaulted.

Amar, who fled Pakistan to escape violence, claimed that the attackers had taken offence as he displayed two large poppies on his silver Toyota, which also had a cross dangling from the rear-view mirror.

"Several times, local Pakistani people in Derby have taken offence from the fact that I am Christian. When they first find out, many stop talking to me. My wife and I have often been shunned," said Amar, according to Mirror.

He said the men had seen him earlier in his shift.

"On the day of my attack the visible display of a cross in my car and two poppies just below the front bonnet, triggered the violence against me," he added.

He also said the men warned him to move his family out of their home.

"I fled from Pakistan to escape violence such as this, but more and more the same violence is coming into Britain. Freedom of religion should be the right of any British citizen but today I feel unsafe, even then nothing will stop me going to church," said Amar.

"I will pray for my attackers and hope they will change their hard-line approach to faith which is very dangerous for our society," he added.


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