Over thousand Christians killed and displaced in Nigeria: reports

Published 01 January 2020  |  

This year, in the Middle Belt of Nigeria, over 1,000 Christians have been killed by Fulani extremists, reports from Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART) said.

HART is a British nonprofit started by U.K. member of Parliament Baroness Caroline Cox.

During the fact-finding mission to Nigeria, a team from the nonprofit organization carried out a research and spoke to representatives of at least five villages who were recently attacked by Fulani extremists.

According to the research, more than 100 people were killed and at least 12,000 were displaced in these five villages alone.

On November 18, HART released a report under the title "Your Land or Your Body: The escalating persecution and displacement of Christians in northern and central Nigeria."

The reported stated that "The underlying drivers of conflict are complex. Yet targeted violence against predominantly Christian communities suggests that religion and ideology play a key part.

- Before most of the attacks, the Fulani send a 'warning signal' via a note or a phone call (in line with the rules of engagement in jihad) to tell villagers that an attack is imminent.

- Christian pastors and community heads are specifically targeted.

- Hundreds of churches have been destroyed.

During many of the attacks, the Fulani are reported by survivors to have."

Despite many similar findings, the leadership in Nigeria denies any possible religious motives behind these conflicts and Christians continue to suffer in the region.


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