Odisha: Mob Brutally Injures Teen Christian Girl, Threatens to Burn Mother

Published 13 March 2018  |  
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Tribal animists in Odisha angry that Christians tried to bury one of their dead gravely injured a teen girl and others who intervened to protect a Christian woman the villagers threatened to burn alive on Feb. 26.

Following the death of a 3-year-old Christian girl who had died of natural causes in Chitrangapalli, Tamguda village of Odisha, the Christian community in that village tried to bury the deceased. While they were still performing last rites, the villagers reached to the spot and demanded not to burry a Christian in their village, even though the burial site was on land owned by one of the Christians, according to Morning Star News.

While the villagers stopped the burial, the landowner argued that he was free to bury his dead on his land.

The mob left only to return at midnight with a bigger crowd and lethal weapons.

About 25 villagers carrying wooden sticks attacked the houses of the three Christian families and ordered them to renounce their faith.

When they refused, the mob broke into their homes, dragged every family member out and beat them.

They brutally beat 45-year-old Nandi Madkami, an aunt of the 3-year-old girl who had died. The assailants threatened to burn Nandi with gasoline they were carrying.

"As they were attempting to burn her, Nandi's 13-year-old daughter ran to her rescue," Enka Pusham, a Christian from a neighboring village who gave refuge to the Christian families after they spent the night hiding in the forest, told MSN.

The teenager, Savita Madkami, who tried to rescue her mother was beaten with wooden sticks, and left bleeding from head.

Her father, Deba Madkami, grandfather, Ganga Madkami, and uncle, Jaga Madkami were beaten too. The elderly Ganga sustained a broken right hand.

The assailants proceeded to burn the houses of the Christians, destroying a roof.

"The mob also looted 10,000 rupees (US$153) from Jaga Madkami's house and destroyed his cycle," said Pusham.

Christians escaped to the jungle to save their lives and spent the night there.

"News reached our village that the villagers assaulting the Christians had actually burnt Nandi alive, and we were horrified," said Pusham.

"We started to send messages for help and prayer support on social media," he added.

The next day when the victims complained at a local police station, they were not encouraged. Upon insisting, the police registered their complaint.

"The police had assured us that they would arrest the attackers, but we have not heard from them since," said Pusham.


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