Nonprofit Builds 7000 Churches

Published 13 September 2017  |  
Dois Rosser 96, is founder of International Cooperating Ministries.

The founder of International Cooperating Ministries (ICM), Dois Rosser, has built his 7,000th church, a big accomplishment for a nonprofit.

ICM, Hampton based, was established to build churches around the world. Now it has built churches, orphanages and schools in 86 countries across the world, especially where Christians form minorities, according to Daily Press.

"It's being able to help some of these people in horribly destitute situations," said April Kelsey, content writer and communications coordinator, ICM.

Rosser, now 96, built the first church in India in 1989 for a cost of $5,000. Now, he has helped build 6,999 more. The 7,000th project will be in Laos.

ICM networks with faith leaders around the world, and help build churches. Rosser estimates the churches cost about $10 per square foot.

"They can set steel, they can dig footings, they can haul and hand-mix the concrete," said Rosser.

In fiscal year 2015, ICM obtained about $21 million in contributions and gifts, while services, administration and fundraising cost the nonprofit about $20 million.

"It's ministry run with business principles," said Geoffrey Stiff, president, ICM.

To get supported by ICM, a church leader will have to apply and provide information about vested interest in the church and ownership of the land. When parishioners build a church, ICM wants them to construct five more.


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