No Foreign Funds for K. P. Yohannan's Believers Church: Ministry of Home Affairs

Published 12 October 2017  |  
This is a portrait of Metropolitan Bishop K.P. Yohannan taken just outside the main entrance of the Administration Building on the Believers Church Biblical Seminary campus.

Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has barred K. P. Yohannan's Believers Church and three NGOs associated with it from bringing in foreign funds to India. MHA has cancelled their FCRA registrations. However, the church officials claimed the registrations were subject to renewal.

NGO including, Ayana Charitable Trust, earlier known as Gospel For Asia, Love India Ministries and Last Hour Ministry are among the 4,864 organizations that lost their FCRA registrations, which allow them to receive foreign funds.

In Kerala alone, 126 organizations are barred from receiving foreign funds, read MHA website.

"We are not bringing foreign funds, as there is a standing revision order [on the FCRA registrations, normally given for a five-year period and then renewed thereafter]," said Fr Sijo Panthapallil, spokesperson of Believers Church, according to Times of India.

The registrations of the four organizations are still under revision. The registrations of these organizations were last renewed in 2016, said the priest.

According to TOI, Panthapallil also noted that MHA had sent three letters to Believers Church concerning the registrations. The latest one was sent in August.

"They might take a decision within a week's time. We are sure that we will get the registrations back next week," he said.

"Our FCRA registrations are under revision for the last one year. They had sent us a letter asking for documents and we have submitted the required documents," he added.


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