New documentary to prove Christ resurrected

Published 03 April 2007  |  
A new DVD documenting evidence for the Christ's resurrection is scheduled to be released by Grizzly Adams Productions, a corporation that releases family–friendly films, television series and specials, during Easter this year in the US.

In the production, called The Case for Christ's Resurrection, experts will explain new discoveries that will substantiate the claims that Jesus resurrected from the grave nearly 2,000 years ago. Among the many methods, the specialists looked at the past historical record, explored current medical knowledge, investigated evidence in the lives of the Apostles, and researched about ancient Jewish burial practices to establish their claims.

The film is in stark contrast to The Lost Tomb of Jesus, a documentary by Jewish archaeologist Simcha Jacobovici that claims the discovery of Jesus’ body as well as a wife (Mary Magdalene) and son (Judah), which received a barrage of criticism after its release. While The Case for Christ's Resurrection is using the same kinds of research as Jacobovici's film, it has been much more overlooked.

"The news media is irresponsible for not covering both sides of the resurrection story," noted Bill Wilson, editor and publisher of the Daily Jot, in a commentary piece. "The hype that Christianity is false plays into the hands of a biased and secular media that seeks daily to discredit people of the Christian faith."

The pro–resurrection film attempts to use scientific inquiry, which is often seen as completely unlinked to religion, to prove Christ's crucifixion, death, and resurrection. Some of the methods include carbon dating and forensics.

"There is growing proof that the events depicted in the Gospel accounts are true, with more evidence being revealed regularly, thanks to modern research, analysis and scientific advances," noted Dr. Gary Habermas, research professor and chair of the department of theology at Liberty University, in a statement. "Science, combined with written descriptions, by non–Christians, of the events of Jesus' life and death, make it clear that Christian beliefs are grounded in fact."

The film also contends that Jesus was seen by numerous people, Christian and non–Christian, following his death.

"There were at least 500 eyewitnesses in and around Jerusalem who actually saw or talked with Jesus after his resurrection," explained senior producer David Balsiger in a statement. "Beyond the Bible, there are more than 20 non–Christian sources written between 30 and 130 A.D. that refer to Jesus of Nazareth as a historical figure. Twelve mention his death and provide details on how he died. Ten of these refer to his resurrection."

In addition to Christ's resurrection, the documentary will also examine the Shroud of Turin, the believed burial cloth of Christ.

From it, the filmmakers have even created a 3–D holographic image of Jesus' face. Authentic 3–D viewing glasses will be included with the DVD.

Wilson added in his commentary, "Instead of giving credence to a 2,000 year–old box of bones that bear the most common names of the time, the news media ought to focus on the results of true scientific and historic research that gives proof that their souls are in need of salvation."


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