New anti-terror law spreads fear over Indian minorities

Published 07 August 2019  |  

The new amendments to an anti-terror bill approved by the Indian parliament is seen as another attempt to persecute minorities in the nation.

The new law enables the National Investigative Agency to declare an individual as a terrorist based on mere accusations.

Asaduddin Owaisi, a member of Parliament, tweeted, "I opposed the amendments to the UAPA bill in the Lok Sabha today. The bill is not only draconian but will also be a tool to stifle not only the minorities but all voices of dissent."

In his speech in Parliament, Owaisi said, "When there is a seizure of property, where is judicial scrutiny? You are violating federalism. How can NIA take state property? That is a violation."

Journalist Rana Aayub, tweeted, "Lok Sabha passes changes to UAPA to allow government to declare individuals as terrorists. Nightmares of post 92 India."

India's Minister of Home Affairs, Amit Shah in his speech in Parliament said the new law will allow India's federal anti-terror police to stay one step ahead of the terrorists. He assured that the new law will not be misused under any circumstances, and its only purpose is to wipe out terrorists from the country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised to protect the rights and interests of all minorities in the country in his first speech after being reelected. But at the moment, there is some level of fear among Indian minorities.


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