Mob attack on Christians attending wedding

Published 14 August 2019  |  

A mob of Hindu nationalists carrying rods and wooden sticks brutally attacked Christians attending a wedding ceremony in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan.

The event took a shocking turn when police officers accused Christians of disturbing the community and forcibly converting people. They seized women and church pastor, and made a series of arrests.

Recalling the horrific event, pastor Pankaj said, "I had just started to speak when a mob barged into the ceremony and began to spitefully speak to us. They were about 250 people and every single one was carrying a rod or a wooden stick. It was evident that they were there to attack us."

"One of the policeman asked the attackers to allow the police to take us to the police station, where [the officer said] we would be beaten up and straightened," pastor Pankaj added.

Outcry from groups of Christians pushed the police officials to grant bail to the arrested people.

One of the Indian church leaders spoke to Open Doors and said, Hindu nationalists are trying to turn India into a "Hindustan," with no place for Christians, Muslims and other non-Hindus.

"If you are Indian, you are Hindu. If you are not Hindu, you are not Indian, would be what Hindu nationalists say," he added.


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