Mizo Bishop paints nude figures, says honoring 'God's creation'

Published 01 August 2009  |  
A Reverend in the northeast state of Mizoram has a very eccentric and unique hobby of painting: draw nude pictures of men and women.

One of the first Mizo to be ordained a Bishop, Rev Stephen Rotluanga says his art of drawing nude pictures is nothing but plainly revealing human figures created by God.

The bishop of the Aizawl diocese is of an opinion that his paintings of nudity is only revealing God's glorious creation and further proves that God is the "greatest artist" of all time.

For Rev Rotluanga, drawing human figures is his favourite subject like other great artists - Michael Angelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

''Renaissance art has always been my favourite subject. The realism involved in it is a challenge for me not only as an artist but also as a priest. Subjects involving human beings have always been my core area of interest,'' the priest was quoted saying by the TOI.

Rev Rotluanga's exhibitions are held both in India and abroad. None of his works are available for sale.


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