Member churches of EFI observe the National Day of Prayer

Published 14 August 2019  |  

In several places across the nation, the Member Churches of the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI) came together and observed the National Day of Prayer.

Hundreds of Christians from the Churches in Chandigarh, Guwahati, Damoh, Nagpur and Latur joined the gathering. They prayed for the Churches to stand strong in the face of opposition and for the victims of hate crimes in India. They believed praying together will change the current situation in the country.

One of the Christians made a social media post saying, "Thanking the Lord for the wonderful Christians in India. Praying for their country and freedom to worship without fear will prevail."

Rev Vijayesh Lal, the general secretary of EFI, said the National Day of Prayer was launched last year and the organisation chose the Sunday closest to Independence Day for the event.

"Let us give thanks to God for our beautiful country and our fellow citizens. Let us also intercede for the needs of the nation and the issues it faces. God loves India. Let us stand in prayer and bless our dear nation," Rev Lal said.


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